It’s All In The Vision

Have you ever looked through a telescope or binoculars from the wrong end? You always see the object you’re looking at ridiculously far away than it really is. This is how some of us tend to see our goals… unreachable! This is setting ourselves up for failure before we’ve even starting. The following allows you to use your “binoculars” the right way which will give you instant clarity and confidence as you’ll be able to see your target crystal clear and closer than expected!

Be selfish and choose a goal that only you wish to go after. As loving and caring as your family, close friends, co-workers may be, it is you alone who should be coming up with your own goals. Choosing your own goals to purse will give you the best chance of success and to endure when trouble and/or obstacles arise, oh yes, they most definitely will come up! If you choose someone else’s goal that they’ve suggested, the time will come that when things get tough you are likely to quit because you don’t enjoy the journey to get to your goal. A great way to think of a goal is by asking yourself, “would I work hard towards my goal, day and night, for free for the rest of your life?” If yes, then this will be far more beneficial for you in the long run because you’re enjoying the process and when the tough times come you’ll do whatever it takes to smash through it!

Take Action:

Once you have your goal, write it down in your notebook and not on any electronic device, you must put pen to paper… old school!

You must now vividly picture it like you have already achieved it… like you’re already living in the dream that is your goal! How is this helpful? The more detail you provide to this image of your goal, the more likely you are of understanding the steps you need to take to get there which allows you   to plan for it thoroughly in the planning stage. Ask yourself, “what does this goal of mine look like once I’ve achieved it?” “What are others saying to me once they know I’ve achieved my goal?” “How do I look in the image?” “How do I truly feel now that I’ve achieved it?” After answering these questions write them down in your notebook under your goal.


Now you can begin to cement the above into your notebook by writing a clear and specific ‘Goal Statement’ by keeping it to one simple and short sentence. It should be so simple that any child reading it, knows exactly what your goal is. This statement should also be written in past tense as if you’ve already achieve it. For example: “I am running my own successful doughnut café.”

Take Action:

Remember, achieving this goal will make the greatest positive impact in your life which may, in turn, impact those around you as well, which is the ripple effect of Goal-Getters striving for greatness just like you!