Tactical Plan & Awareness

Teaching you how to attack your goals and become a more formidable, unrelenting powerhouse, lean, mean, results generating machine is what the simple steps below will provide you. But, like most effective tools, they’re only beneficial when you TAKE ACTION!

Now that you have a crystallised and clearly defined ‘Goal Statement,’ you must commit yourself to a deadline confirming by when you will attain this goal. Like all matters with goal setting and defining, you best be critically clear and detailed.

What is the exact date, month, and the year you honestly believe you can achieve your goal. I’ve had cases that people have used the exact time in their deadline for extreme accountability which I HIGHLY recommend. The expectation is to have something similar to the following: Sunday 31st December 2020

Take Action:

Once you have the date, write it down next to your ‘Goal Statement’ in your notebook.

Identifying potential obstacles that you may face to reach this goal can be one of the most time saving plans in the whole process towards dominating your goal. Even though this step may take a few moments more than the other steps it will save you time, money, and stress by pre-empting challenges allowing you to better prepare for if/when you are confronted with them. If I asked you to run a marathon in 6 months’ time, would you simply go about your normal days leading up to the race and just show up… no! You would plan your practise sessions, diet, mindset and much more because if you didn’t do these tasks you’d run in all sorts of trouble during the race i.e. fatigue, injuries, or leave the race on a stretcher! On a separate page in your notebook, cover any potential obstacles no matter how big or small you believe they may be. Determine what steps, resources, and people you may need to help you overcome each obstacle and add them beside each obstacle and begin preparing the best defence to combat them.

The goal you are striving for maybe new and unique to you and possibly something you’ve never thought about until recently. This may mean you don’t have any experience and previous knowledge about it and how to attain it. You may also need to upskill your current abilities that would ultimately help you achieve your goal.

Take Action:

Write down if you need to learn a new skill or possibly improve an existing one.