An architect will create a blueprint for builders to use and constantly refer to in order to stay focused on the desired outcome but most importantly, understand what stage the building process is currently on and what the next steps are to ensure progress is on schedule.

To finalise your own personal blueprint that leads to your goal, you must now create a list of every single task that’s required to be completed by you leading up to your goal. A fresh page in your notebook is recommended as you will be referring to this page on a daily basis so you can easily review your blueprint and track your progress. Place these steps into order from what must be done first before moving on to the next step. Continue each step until you’ve reached you final step which is achieving your goal! A critical part to this list is to ensure that you include the ‘Skills to Develop’ that you revealed in the previous article.

Take Action:

Write the steps from start to finish by also including potential obstacles.

Now that each task is in sequential order leading to your goal, you must now assign each step with a reasonable deadline that’s both challenging but achievable. It must stretch you to a point that will make you work harder than you’ve ever worked before but must not be unrealistic or unreachable. As mentioned previously, use date, month, and year but for this particular instance allocate a
specific time as some tasks may double up on the same day or can also help you schedule your current commitments i.e. family, other job, hobbies etc.

Take Action:

Write deadlines for each of the required steps leading toward your goal.

As we know, “life” happens where unexpected circumstances occur which are completely out of your control which may cause your focus to shift off your plan resulting in missed deadlines.

It’s OKAY!

All you need to do is refocus and adjust your deadlines to a new one. Builders are constantly delayed due to weather or equipment breakdowns which delays construction. Deadlines are adjusted, mindset recalibrated and off they go again. The same process must be taken by you.