Plan your work, work your plan

Finding a coach is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of deal & one coach isn’t necessarily the right coach for everyone.

The first step to finding yourself a coach is to connect with one & talk through what you’d like to achieve with their support.

So, this is where I say ‘Oh look, you can get in contact with me… on that form. How convenient!’

Once you take the step to get in contact, we can arrange a no-obligation meet and greet to see if we’d make a kick-ass team.

Or you might like to learn more about the coaching packages below.

Platinum Collaboration

The Platinum Collaboration is for those committed to make a massive step forward in their personal and professional life to start living like few ever do. This is not an online training program or motivational fire walk bonanza. This program is exclusively tailor-made to suit you to make a massive impact!

This partnership is limited to a small select group of people that provides the unique opportunity to create the blueprint for your goals to execute immediately.

Platinum Collaboration are for those who are:

Responsible for leading a team, busy with no spare time, start-ups/small businesses.

Committed individuals pursuing an ambition to make a positive impact in their life.

Focusing to change an area in their personal or professional lives.

Open to working collaboratively and prepared to face tough questions, hard truths and recognise skills gaps.

Dedicated to take the time and effort to make stuff actually happen.

Goal Grinder Accelerator

Goal Grinder Accelerator is not for the faint hearted. To reach your ambitions you must set yourself up for success by changing your habitual routine. The brain hates change and loves routine which is why you’ll learn to take immediate action and change towards reaching your greatest goals.

This process is not difficult as I truly believe in KISS (Keeping It Super Simple) so not much thinking is required but plenty of action!

This program is custom made for you which means a big commitment is required by you to fulfill your plans and action points.


Performance Area To Action:

Clearly undercover what your target/goal is so you know what to aim at

Unravelling the resources to layout your personal blueprint towards your goal

There’s challenges in your blueprint that you’ll need to acknowledge, overcome, and learn from for future situations

Learn to stay focused and accountable to your own goals and plans

Understand self-discipline even though it isn’t sexy, but it surely gets you to your goals when you take it seriously